Reduce Wear • Improve Reliability • Extend Equipment Life • Lower Maintenance Costs

Mining & Aggregates

Mining & Aggregates

Dig out from rising maintenance costs.

Heavy duty vehicles and equipment used onsite by mining companies operate in some of the most extreme, rugged and demanding environments on earth. Costly, critical machinery must excel at all times under challenging conditions.

FilterMag’s technology extracts wear-causing particles from oil and other lubrication fluids to dramatically improve reliability and productivity.  

Find out how FilterMag® can help your operation extract more profit from your existing capital assets.


Oil & Gas

OIL AND GASStrip operating costs. Extract more profit.

Equipment and vehicles deployed in drilling, processing and transporting energy are not only essential, they represent material investments. FilterMag® provides a competitive advantage to Oil and Gas companies by enhancing performance while reducing costly downtime. Find out FilterMag® increases the ROI for mission critical machinery.













Tear down costs, build up profits

No matter what you're constructing, enhancing the reliability of your equipment and vehicles are cornerstones of effective project management from start to finish.

FilterMag extracts wear-causing particles from engine oil and other lubrication fluids and dramatically improves mechanical reliability and field productivity of your capital assets. Extended life of equipment means lower capital expenditures. Less maintenance means more profit. Find out how FilterMag® can improve your financial landscape.


How It Works

How It Works

See how FilterMag® extends equipment life by up to 60%, renders equipment more reliable and cuts your maintenance costs.See the video.


Consumer Products

Consumer ProductsUse FilterMag For Your Car or Truck

FilterMag will increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

Click here to view our consumer product offering.


Free Consultation & Trial

Free Consultation & Trial

Boost reliability and productivity. Cut your costs and grow your profits.

It's all about the bottom line: Contact one of our industry-specific experts now to learn how FilterMag® enhances efficiency and improves your bottom line!


FilterMag is a unique magnetic filtration technology:
Higher productivity, less downtime and reduced operating costs for all heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. 

FilterMag magnetic filtration for engine oil and hydraulic fluid protects your vehicles and equipment as nothing else can. A unique, powerful magnetic-field technology enables greater mechanical reliability, a longer working life and reduced cost of operations. Higher productivity and lower costs add up to greater profitability.


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